Best Service Complete Orchestral Collection

This comprehensive, thought-through, and ergonomic virtual string orchestra couldn’t have been realized without today?s computer and sampler technology. In its carefully programmed patches, you will find many innovative solutions to help achieve your music goals even more quickly. The result is spontaneous, playful, and intuitive handling of the sound material. With a unified key switch system and direct, instant access to the all-important articulations. Including quintuple alternation switch (Staccato, Quarter Notes) and precise control of the dynamic response of the samples using different MIDI parameters. String Essentials will enable you to focus on the essential part of your activity – your music – creatively and efficiently. Just load and play it! New great sounding samples in 5 different lengths, 3 or 4 dynamic levels, runs, and original release samples have been carefully recorded using three microphone placements: close (dry), standard and ambient. You choose the best sound for your music. Including Surround! Peter Siedlaczek did his best to use the power of Native Instruments? Kontakt Sampler down to the last detail. The result is a complex yet easy-to-use musical instrument that you will play it with enthusiasm and enjoyment!

14 violins, ten violas, eight cellos & 6 double basses
spontaneous, playful and intuitive handling
thought-out, innovative solutions
complex, yet convenient and ergonomic patches
completely new material recorded with three different mic set-ups, providing ambient, normal and dry samples
Kontakt Player, the world-leading sample player software included
works as a plug-in in any standard or as a stand-alone application
12 GB of great sounding samples in 5 lengths and 3 or 4 dynamic layers
immediate access to nearly all the playing techniques via key switches
fast and convenient sample character-shaping using midi controllers (Accent, Expression, Crescendo Time, Portamento Depth/Time, Tempo, Run Shift, Release Time, Release Off, etc.)
more realism with run and ornamentation tools
release trigger
multiple alternation switching
from double to quintuple