Big Fish Audio Pop Rock Studio Drum Sessions

Pop Rock: Studio Drum Sessions includes over 1.6 GB of content with 757 different Kontakt patches.
Kit Combos – 26 patches are included in the “Kit Combos” section. These patches contain all loops in each section (Verse, Chorus, etc.) and all section variations in the kit, laid out across the keyboard for easy and quick arrangements. Loops start at C1 on the keyboard
Sliced Loops – There are 697 “Sliced Loops” patches. Each loop from the product has been given its piece and can be edited extensively using the “loop FX” interface. The full circle can be triggered at C0. The circuit can be played backward at D0. Individual slices start at C1 on the keyboard.
Single Instruments – There are 17 “Single Instruments” patches, which include unique hits of each kit piece arranged within the spot by construction kit. For example, all the One-Shot Kicks from the whole product can be found in the place called “Kick.nki.” (Loops start at C1 on the keyboard)
One-Shot – 17 pieces are included in the “One-Shots” section. One-Shot patches include all the one-shot samples from a single kit. For example, all one-shot samples from Kit 01 can be found in the “01 080 BPM” patch under the “One-Shots” folder. Samples start at C1 on the keyboard and are laid out by kit pieces.