Big Fish Audio Studio Guitars The Michael Ripoll Project

– 4.7 GB of content on DVD (1.85 GB of 24-bit WAV files)
– 1,059 loops (these 1,059 loops are duplicated into 4 different formats). Formats include Acidized WAV,Apple Loops,REX,and RMX
– Studio Guitars:The Michael Ripoll Project has been organized into 8 main folders. The names of these folders are: Acoustic, Blues, Country, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Xtra Guitars. Inside each of these folders you will find a sub-folders of guitar parts that all work together. The folder names display the genre, kit number, tempo and key of the loops inside.
– Loops Include: Leads – Rhythm – Intros – Choruses – Verses – Fills – Endings
Funk, Rock/Alternative, Jazz, Country, Instrument loops, Pop, Blues, Guitar Loops