Black Octopus Sound Orphic Future Funk Sample Selections

219 Bass hits – Alien loops, neuro saws, wobbles and other sounds of a fat nature
141 Drums – a wide assortment of one shot claps, kicks, crashes, mouth percussion, drum fills, and live and programmed drum beats.
37 FX – upsweeps, downsweeps, and impacts
146 Field recordings – lofi style bacon sizzles, bong rips, bubbles, birds, rocks, and some hifi stereo crunches, glass, water, and impacts.
11 Glitch – Mind bending fractal glitches
11 Massive presets – Neuro bass, electro saws, reeses, and wobbles
168 Synth stabs – bells, chords, arps, piano loops, and organ chord progressions
35 Vocal samples – singing loops & spoken stabs