CAPSUN ProAudio Grime Revival

Grime Revival is the real deal. An expansive 1.37GB 24bit collection taking in sonic elements from every angle of an explosive and truly rule defying genre. It represents all of the defining elements of Grime and aims to be your guide into one of bass music’s most rebellious upstarts.
We emerged ourselves into the classic production styles of pioneering artists and we strived to use the same synths, sound modules, drum machines, sampling techniques and processing, so that this is not just an emulation but the genuine sound. This meant downsampling, bit-crushing, deliberate distortion, over saturation and experimentation. We then applied modern production techniques to create a sample pack with one foot in the lo-fi sounds of the past but with a heavy sheen of modern processing. Every sound will stand up next to current bass music and are perfect for the current resurgence in Grime production.
In detail expect to find deep Sub Bass, harsh detuned square wave tones, bold Brass, brash Strings and 8bit bleeps. Roughly sampled Vocals, gliding Synths, the sounds of experimental synthesis and over saturated Bass Stabs. You will also find 80 Drum One Shots and 100 meticulously programmed Drum Loops, covering many of the classic syncopated rhythms whilst adding in new inspiring ideas. Add in FX loops, Pirate Radio captures, Dust and Dirt, Warzone FX, Risers, Reverses and Vox Hits and it all combines to create a huge addition to any electronic producer’s arsenal.
With influence starting at the inception of a new, strange nameless genre, Grime Revival takes in all incarnations of what would eventually become known as Grime. From the early raw experiments of Eskibeat emerging from London E3, to the harsh, sparse production and low frequency bass of Sublow. From the chopped, frenetic sounds of 8-Bar to the more complex patterns of Nu-Shape.
With early influences from Garage, Jungle and Dancehall and the later adoption of Trap, Electro and Dubstep elements, it’s a complex genre with an emphasis on signature sounds but a heavy focus on experimentation. Grime is once again at the forefront of underground British music, with legends of the scene embracing their routes and younger producers taking an interest in a uniquely original production style, inspiring and reigniting an important movement in UK bass music.
Although the collection is aimed at Grime production, it is also perfect for Trap, Dubstep, Garage, Bass House, Drum & Bass, Electro, Jungle and other forward thinking bass music genres.

24 Bit Quality
100 Drum Loops
80 Drum One Shots
5 Drum Kit Patches for Reason Kong
40 Bass Loops
41 Bass One Shots
25 Brass Loops
22 Brass One Shots
15 Chip Loops
19 Chip One Shots
10 Dirt Loops
10 Hype Vox Loops
10 Hype Vox One Shots
56 Music Loops
53 Music One Shots
10 Percussion Loops
15 Percussion One Shots
10 Pirate Loops
28 Pirate One Shots
10 Reverse Loops
6 Risers Loops
30 Strings Loops
24 Strings One Shots
15 Sub Bass Loops
15 Sub Bass One Shots
15 Synth Loops
16 Synth One Shots
15 Vox Loops
10 Warzone Loops
10 Warzone One Shots
342 Rex2 Loops
206 Soft Sampler Patches for NNXT, Kontakt, SFZ