CAPSUN ProAudio Narco Loops Keys & Synths

CAPSUN ProAudio presents Narco Loops – Keys & Synths. A new series of inspirational and uniquely textured samples created exclusively for CPA by renowned sound designer and producer Schroff. We started by creating a collection of original royalty free compositions featuring a wide range of acoustic piano, organs, Rhodes, vintage and digital synths, toy keyboards and digital keys.
These audio captures were then meticulously processed using a multitude of high-end and lo-fi gear, tape and vinyl style saturation, bit crushing and foley layering. We were sure to leave it dripping in grunge, hiss, crackle and warp. The result is a characterful, emotive set including 100 melodic loops and 100 melodic one shots. Purpose built to inspire, act as song starters and ideal to twist and manipulate. Instant nostalgic vibes alongside ultra modern production techniques.
5 distinct sets of sounds we’ve named Auras, Chopped, Reversed, Screwed & Vinyl. Each style loaded with thick layers of body, space, beautiful musicality and gritty rhythms. All sounds are Key Tagged and loops are tempo-synced at 80bpm and 130bpm.
Perfect for producers creating Alt-RnB, Trap Soul and Hip-Hop but will also work seamlessly with Drum & Bass, Downtempo Electronica and more.
Please Note: This is a Melodic Keys & Synths pack ONLY. ALL other drums, bass, fx and vocal samples contained within this demo are for demo purpose only and taken from other CAPSUN ProAudio products.

100 Melodic Loops:
20 Melodic Auras Loops
20 Chopped Melodic Loops
20 Reversed Melodic Loops
20 Screwed Melodic Loops
20 Vinyl Melodic Loops
100 Melodic One Shots:
20 Melodic Auras One Shots
20 Chopped Melodic One Shots
20 Reversed Melodic One Shots
20 Screwed Melodic One Shots
20 Vinyl Melodic One Shots