Cymatics Apollo for Xfer Serum


What exactly is “Apollo”?
Apollo for Xfer Serum is one of our most versatile and useable soundbanks to date!
We wanted to build a go-to collection of essential sounds that every producer can turn to — regardless of their preferred genre or style.
While creating this soundbank from the ground up, our team of experienced sound designers prioritized versatility, usability, and premium quality above all else.
And the result is an incredible collection of over 100 Serum patches that cover every category, including Arps, Basses, Leads, Plucks, Keys, FX, Sequencers, and more!
Whether you make EDM, Pop, or even Hip Hop, you’ll have nearly every type of sound you’ll need to make an entire track from start to finish.
We’ve included everything from smooth playable keys to powerful dubstep basses and all sounds in between.