Perfectly Designed 808s, Synth Basses & Real Bass Guitars
The bass can easily define you and your production.
Producers who don’t have heavy hitting 808s and basses often struggle to stand out with their production.
This is why we spent so much time with our sound design team handcrafting each 808 & bass to match popular styles of Hip Hop!
We even went over the top and provided a great selection of real bass guitar recording that can add a lot of that feeling to your bass that can make your beats stick out!

Our Largest Drum Sample Collection Ever!
Before we even started working on the drums for VYPR, our entire production team did 1 thing…

This was everything from modern beats from artists like JuiceWrld, DaBaby, & Migos to even 90s hip hop records from guys like Biggie Smalls & Mobb Deep.
After breaking down every element we could, we mapped out everything that would make VYPR drums the only set of drums you’d ever need.
Then our engineers & drum designers got to work and created thousands of drums to match every style of top Hip Hop produced in the last 30 years!
The results were the most critical & well-organized sound libraries we’ve ever created!
Overall, this massive selection of basses alone can have a significant impact on your production.