Kirk Hunter Studio Diamond Symphony Orchestra

The Key Features of “Diamond Symphony Orchestra”
45GB of samples covering all the standard orchestral instruments.
1 mic position and up to 4 dynamic layers per note
“Concert” string sections, large “Symphonic” Strings, smaller “Studio” string sections plus both chamber (4-4-3-2) and solo strings.
“Concert” brass ensembles, “Symphonic” brass ensembles and also “Studio” brass.
The winds – including alto flute and contrabassoon are available in solos and/or some duets.
Both muted and unmuted versions of the strings and brass are included.
Also included are orchestral percussion, celesta, harpsichord, and a piano.
Lighter versions of all the instruments, and individual articulations are available.
IntervaLive® – for smooth legato passages.
Human Pitch Correction or “HPC” – simulates the way real players start notes slightly out of tune.
Keyswitches are clearly labelled and are consistent across all instruments.