Loopmasters Brassica Electronic Vision

Brassica, aka Michael Anthony Wright, has matured into one of the country’s most fascinating producers operating in dance music’s left-field. Distilling all the influences from his storied musical past including Rave, New Wave Rock, Synth music, Experimental sounds, Ambient music and Disco to name but a few, Wright has found a sound that is uniquely his.
‘Brassica: Electronic Vision’ takes you on a voyage of sonic adventures with a range of all-important musical starting points, atmospheres, riffs, melodies and beats which will inspire new ideas. Loops, one-shots and software sampler patches are provided to illuminate your Electronic productions with drums, synths, bass and SFX covered 10 multi-sampled instruments and a host of pre-formatted sampler patches.
Created with Brassicas studio favourite, the Nord Modular G1, this pack features custom-made patches through a selection of stomp boxes, ran into an ancient Fostex mixing desk, then sampled into the computer. Blending digital dirt, analogue warmth and precision impact with equal measure, prepare to expand your sample library with the sound of Brassica.
Brassica explains: ‘Electronic Vision represents a range of custom sound creations spanning the entire time I have been producing and features gear I’ve bought and sold on including old samplers, modular and outboard gear plus a secret stash of audio gold taken from sessions at friends studios such as live drums. Most of this content features and re-features heavily in my own music. The best thing about modern music production is the ability to use and reuse sound material collected over time. A decent kick, clap or synth stab is like a well-loved item of clothing, it eventually becomes part of your signature style”.
Download the free taster pack, check out the demo and go on a visionary journey of ‘Brassica: Electronic Vision’ today.
Product Details:
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz
• 60 Music Loops
• 55 Drum Loops
• 36 Bass Loops
• 22 Perc Loops
• 35 Drum Hits
• 25 Synth Hits
• 25 FX
• 24 Bass Hits
• 5 Bass Multis
• 5 Synth Multis
• 188 REX2 Files