Loopmasters Covert Techno

Loopmasters present Covert Techno – an industrial strength collection of Techno samples to get you right in the zone. Provided 100% royalty free, Covert Techno brings you an unrelenting collection of must-have Loops, One Shots and Multi Samples for your tracks.
Covert Techno emerges from the undergrowth with 386 Loops ready for clandestine dancefloor shenanigans. Bass Loops include smooth, low-passed warbles, jagged electro-inspired lines and throbbing sub undertones. Atmospheric pads and old-school inspired music loops will give your tracks a driving, dark presence. The combi Loops provide more melodic content, with sounds that fit together in a variety of musical keys with a variety of source instruments. The infectious drum loops come in various forms with Tops, Perc, No Kick and Full Drum versions – as well as dedicated Top Loops and Drum Layers to build your custom beat.
Dark and Twisted Vocal loops complete the selection – before you unearth hundreds of one-shot samples to construct your own stealth assault. Bass, Synth, Drums, Vocals and FX are all provided here with a load of multi-sampled instruments to sequence in your daw. A superb collection of drum hits include punchy kick drums, chunky snares, crisp hats and filtered percussion – with FX one-shots to aid undercover transitions.

87 Drum Layer Loops
77 Top Loops
40 Music Loops
37 Bass Loops
30 Combination Loops
29 Full Drum Loops
23 Perc Loops
22 Kick Snare Loops
21 Pad Loops
20 Vocal Loops
97 Drum Hits
33 Synth Hits
31 Bass Hits
20 Vocal Hits
13 Fx
386 Rex2 Files
81 Soft Sampler Patches
81 Midi
10 Kong