Loopmasters Dark Underground Vocals

Prepare yourself as Loopmasters unleash Dark Underground Vocals – an unrelenting collection of processed vocals emanating from the underworld. With in excess of 2000 royalty free samples, your music will immediately turn to the dark side!
Created by ARTFX for Loopmasters, this huge pack contains just what you need to make your drops stand out, to lift your tracks and add that other-worldly human element. Each vocal has been recorded in several different styles and tones – with the emphasis on dark and evil – so it makes finding the right take or adding subtle changes across your production a breeze.
The pack includes vocal samples and phrases recorded at 100, 140 and 174 BPM which can be used in isolation, as vocal hooks, or to compliment an existing mix. These samples can be cut, chopped, reversed and morphed in your DAW, with spectacularly demonic results! Longer, effected phrases are also included for glitchy, beat-synced vibes.
Dark Underground Vocals are perfect for pitching and time-streching, and the included sampler patches give you the power of maximum manipulation within your favorite daw. That’s not all – the collection includes bonus processed loops and extra content including countdown vocals and short linking words or phrases so you can build longer sentences in multiple different styles.

2099 Vocal Shots & Phrases614 Vox at 100 Bpm588 Vox at 140 Bpm656 Vox at 174 Bpm185 Bonus Words55 Coutdown Vox30 Wav Vocal Loops30 Aiff Vocal Loops35 Soft Sampler Patches