Loopmasters The Blues Sessions

‘The Blues Sessions’ is a collection of great, authentic loops, performances and multis performed by some of the world’s greatest Blues performers. The musicians featured in this collection have worked with such Blues legends as Rory Gallagher, Davey Graham, Eric Bibb, Bert Jansch, Louisiana Red, Big Moose Walker, Woody Mann and Roy Rogers and his Delta Rhythm Kings.
What’s more, the collection has been recorded authentically, using the best vintage equipment and microphones, including RCA ribbon mics from the 40’s, Sony Valve mics (C37A) from the 50’s, Neve and RCA pr-amps, and mixed on a classic 70’s Raindirk series III console, formerly owned by Olympic Studios in London, where it mixed hundreds of classic albums.
In addition to this material, a selection of genuine, vintage Blues recordings, some more than 80 years old, have been carefully edited and included, complete with their original vinyl sounds.
All of the material in this collection has been crafted with feel and vibe being the absolute priority. No quantised or overly-cleaned, sterile loops here, just heaps of vibe and mojo, the way Blues should be.
This vast and comprehensive sample pack includes over 3 GB of loops and hits. Over 300 vocal samples including solo voices, male blues choir, vintage vocals and more are featured, plus 559 harmonica samples featuring bass and regular Blues harps with clean and dirty, amped tones.
You’ll find 400 MB of Acoustic guitar samples comprising dobros, slide, picked and vintage sounds and 841 MB of Electric guitar samples including leads, licks and rhythm parts.
In the rhythm section there are more than 700 great drum loops ranging from slow swings, to stomping beats, a great range of sounds using sticks and brushes, vintage drum loops and more. There are also a range of drum kits included. Electric and upright bass loops, a helping of keyboards from vintage Hammond to Rhodes etc. are included.
Everything has been recorded to include room mics for added vibe, in many cases, such as with the guitars, the direct signal is panned all the way to one channel, while the room mic is panned opposite, so you can balance the wet/dry signal yourself, or just use them as is.
All sounds are recorded and presented at 24-Bit/44.1kHz quality.
This highly versatile sample collection is ideal for anyone looking to inject a bluesy vibe into their tracks, with great sound and feel.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Harvey Summers at Broadoak Studios. Harvey is a well-know producer of Roots music, film music and more, having produced records for John Pearson and his Wicked Messengers and Danny Thompson, amongst many others. His Broadoak Studios in Sussex is renowned for its atmosphere, unique sound and superb collection of high-end vintage analogue and also cutting-edge digital equipment.
The contributing musicians are John Pearson, John Ballard, Otis Albini, Jem Turpin, Roger Hubbard, Sacha Trochet and Harvey Summers.

The Blues Sessions: Drums
• 24-Bit Quality
• 1.16 GB
Drum Selection Contains:
• 576 Drum Loops
• 26 Kicks Samples
• 40 Snares Samples
• 17 Hats Samples
• 30 Percussion Samples
• 8 Clap Samples
• 2 Crash Samples
• 576 REX2 Files
• 10 Soft Sampler patches for NN-XT, Halion, Kontakt, SFZ and EXS24
The Blues Sessions: Harp & Keys
• 24-Bit Quality
• 707 MB
Harp & Keys Selection Contains:
• 488 Harp Loops (Harmonica)
• 40 Hammond Loops
• 10 Rhodes Loops
• 78 Bonus Free Time Harps/Vintage Keys
• 538 REX2 Files
The Blues Sessions: Vocals
• 24-Bit Quality
• 576 MB
Vocal Selection Contains:
• 171 Vocal Loops
• 41 Bonus Vintage Vocals
• 171 REX2 Files
The Blues Sessions: Guitars & Bass
• 24-Bit Quality
• 2.02 GB
Guitars & Bass Selection Contains:
• 256 Acoustic Guitar Loops
• 504 Electric Guitar Loops
• 117 Bass Loops
• 1 Upright Bass Multi
• 24 Bass Hits
• 25 Soft Sampler patches for NN-XT, Halion, SFZ, Kontakt and EXS24