Rankin Audio Techy Synth Riffs

So you’ve got the main bones of your track together but it feels a little empty. It needs something, but you’re not sure what.
Look no further, Rankin Audio is here to fill your hole. Techy Synth Riffs is 170 simple and effective riffs to give your track depth and warmth.
Bring them in and out, filter them, verb them, delay they living snot out of them. All tempo synced and brandishing key info like an excited toddler with a new toy.
Before long you will find this pack is your new best friend, always there when you need him, always listening and never judging.
He doesn’t mind you’ve been up all night chasing strange women, he just wan’t to breath new depth into your tracks. Then kiss you on the forehead as you drift off to sleep.

171 Wav Loops