Sample Magic Lo-Fi Electronica

From the creators of the best-selling Chillwave Trilogy comes Lo-fi Electronica, a 1.5GB+ collection of dusky beats, polaroid-tinged music loops and beach-hazed melodics. Inspired by a leftfield approach to chillout, indie and synth pop, Lo-fi Electronica is the product of a love affair with thrift store synths, garage-sale guitar pedals and tape machines
Drum Hits > 317 meticulously sampled, processed, resampled drum hits. All ran through countless amounts of analogue kit. From the Linn Drum LM2, Oberheim DX, Alesis HR16, Kawai R100, Yamaha RX11, these one-shots are the perfect timeless sounds for your next drum production.
Drum Loops> Bit-crushed Rolands, swinging Sequentials, layered Linn’s, all ran through 8,10 & 12-bit samplers for true lo-fi character and grit. All loops offer stems for easy mix and match capabilities
Music Loops > 30 folders of instant lush dream-pop, glo-fi and chilled song-starters. Basslines, synths, pads, music loops galore! Processed and treated through our famous LA analogue chain.All loops supplied with bonus MIDI for supreme flexibility.
Cassette Loops > Noisey, distorted revamped and re-amped cassette loops. Nostalgic vintage synths, plinky leads and gritty guitars all processed through gear like the Panasonic and Tascam Portastudio cassette recorder.
Vocal Loops > Granulized harmonies, fragmented phrases, revamped lines and washed out warm vocal samples.
Synth & Key Loops > Dreamy keys, glo-fi leads, wavey arpeggios and tape processed progressions: 55key-labeled hooks & riffs served with MIDI variants as standard.
Atmospheric & Pad Loops > Deep, dusty & sun-hued pads. These chord beds are the perfect mood-setting sounds for the next Chillwave & Glo-Fi production.
Drum Fills > Sun-soaked Sequential toms, Lo-Fi Linn fills and crunchy Kawais. Perfectly processed bit crushed and resampled fills for your next Lo-Fi production.
Chord Shots > Tape saturated, detuned and 12-bit resampled chord shots. All sampled and processed for the ultimate Lo-Fi vibes.

976 x 24-bit Wav files