Sample Modeling French Horn and Tuba 3

The French Hornis an exceptionally versatile, dynamic, flexible and expressive musical instrument,used in a vast majority of musical styles. It covers an incredibly wide dynamic range. With its rich, warm sound it is a perfect blender, if used in combination with other instruments. With its full, bright fortissimo it is an indispensable instrument in any spectacular, “Hollywood-like” orchestration. The real French Horn is extremely difficult to play, requiring advanced skills and intensive practicing. It is also extremely difficult to emulate, a true challenge for developers of virtual instruments. We believe the results are outstanding. And, unlike the real one, our virtual French Horn is easy to play… Tuba–the biggest brass instrument –covers the lowest range of the musical scale and is really not limited to comedic work at all… It contributes remarkably to the fullness of the orchestral sound frequently doubling the bass lines, but also serves as the bass in the brass section or brass band, as well as a solo instrument, playing all possible musical styles.Like the other Kontakt-based Samplemodeling instruments, French Horn& Tuba use Giorgio Tommasini’s proprietary “Harmonic Alignment” technology. It enables real-time, seamless morphing over the entire dynamic range, from pp to ff, an impossible task for conventional sample-based libraries. Furthermore, it uses samples of real instruments as base material, recorded in an anechoic chamber. This proved to be the best choice to preserve the timbral characteristics of the original instrument. We used state-of-the-art recording techniques, including multi-microphone placement, according to the radiation characteristics of the instrument.