Spitfire Audio Enigma

“ENIGMA” is a collection of awe-inspiring sounds and tools created exclusively by Leo in conjunction with Spitfire Audio. As composers ourselves, we have been itching to get our hands on what we know will become essential DNA for future compositions and productions.
Created mostly on a rusty Trussart guitar plugged into Leo’s infamous pedal array, with over 300 presets including weird and wonderful sounding guitars, synths, pads, atmos, phrases, and over 200 loops. This library is 5GB (compressed from 10GB) of pure inspiration.
VIs – Purpose-built curiosities, some more recognizable than others. But all with that distinctive rusty sound!
PADS – Raw chordal instruments direct from Leo.
MORPHED PADS – Beautiful circuit bent synths and pads always derived from a rusty source!
LOOPS – Rhythmic and percussive phrases tempo synced to your host.
ATONAL FX – A selection of rustic pylons to screw with your beautiful sonic landscapes!