Spitfire Audio Mandolin Swarm

Nineteen guitarists, a perfect blend based on a series of test sessions, charangos, mandolins, ukuleles, were placed in pairs between ribbon microphones around the hall at Air Studios. It has to be heard to be understood.
Christian was commissioned to write a film in September 2014. A film that was operatic in its expanse with acres of space, time, and Air to let the score sing. Always a fan of the work of Terence Malick, Christian observed arcing fields of barley, a climax which filled a film lense with exploding teardrops of rain. How best to create something unique to illustrate these chaotic patterns of beauty? So Spitfire carried out a test with a group of guitarists playing all around the hall at Air. The results were sublime, from a beautiful patina of plucked notes to a jet of long tones created by a multitude of chaotic un-measured terms played by players all over the room. The combination of sublime players, sublime instruments, and an expansive apartment proved a heady mix.
With lessons learned, we returned to Air-Studios, but this time with a “Swarm” of players. 19 in total, playing a specially selected blend of instruments to balance out dominant characteristics, sense of geographical place, and sheer sonic beauty. Over days we found the perfect mix of Charangos, Ukuleles, and Mandolins to offer up a worldly but also unearthly set of tools.