Spitfire Audio Percussion REDUX

• Unified look to bring it in line with other Spitfire releases. The same multi-mic with purging/levels you’re used to working within Albion/Albion 2.
• All-in-one patches giving you all the articulations and playing styles of an instrument in a single key switch-able piece to optimize templates.
• Ability to latch articulations to CCs, pedals, and custom key switches to suit your workflow.
• Extensive purging options to optimize memory for your setups. Select how many RR and articulations are active and loaded into memory.
• Extended ‘Neighbouring zones’ RR (round-robin) for melodic percussion, potentially tripling the RR count
• Configurable release volumes, dynamics, and expression from the front panel
• Customizable velocity mapping – map the dynamics to your proper workstation setup.
• Improvements to instruments such as double-handed timpani mapping, simulation of dampened bells/Glocks/celeste/etc.
• The RHYTHM MATRIX. A whole new way of building percussion arrangements, patterns, and sequences.