Spitfire Audio RedCola Trailer Giant Vol.1

Spitfire is honored to help REDCOLA bring its new sampling project to the market. As behemoths of the trailer music and sound-design world since 2002, Spitfire is delighted to partner up with like-minded craftspeople and enthusiasts for creativity and excellence in their art.
Compiled from 100s of hours of material this carefully curated bumper volume of sweeps, rises, falls, atmos, hits, pads and ‘moments’ will be your go-to pack of goodies whenever you’re looking for mind-warping, jaw-dropping transitions when you’re looking to inject adrenalin into your cues when you need to take things up a gear. Naturally ideal for trailer use, the Spitfire team has already been using these fantastic sounds on ads, hybrid movie, and TV scores and with particular success on some significant computer games scores.