Spitfire Audio The Grange

To say The Grange is an embarrassment of riches is an understatement. Each drummer has kindly gifted us with a genuinely multi-sampled kit with every note played by each legend. They have also provided us with an epic anthology of literally thousands of loops. From simple straight up grooves to ‘signature’ beats that only these guys could provide.
It is Spitfire Audio’s mission to provide music makers with tools that offer an enhancement to our working lives. So this award-winning group of composers, producers, engineers, and technicians didn’t set out to re-invent the wheel. But to make it work better. The goal was singular. Make it spring out the box, make it sound like a Grammy-winning, Brit garnering, Ivor Novello awarded recording. Make it work without fiddling, and make it load up and play without having to turn the f***ing hi-hats down.
Nick Taylor, our engineer who tracked these historical recordings from conception to completion, has done us so proud. The finest rarified selection of mics was enlisted to capture the magic trustfully. He used a bespoke range of Neve and API pre-amps and, in what is a drum-sampling one-off, used the most beautiful 2″ Studer tape machine in the UK today. This matters. If you’re using a drum library that isn’t recorded to tape, it won’t sound as good. It is rare for us to state such a fact so arrogantly. But after A-B-ing the two signals, we have to agree with Roger Taylor; “It just sounds better.”
There is a vast number of mix options on The Grange from Nick Taylor’s fabulous 3 mixes (Tight, Mid, Epic), which spring out of the box. Our brief to him was “we want a natural sound, don’t give us something that sounds mastered, we want you to imagine that point in tracking an album were having got a great drum takedown, and you’re so happy with the sound you’re dreading having to add guitars and vocals, give us something that you can’t wait to slam a compressor onto, something that people can work with.” And he did us proud; not a single plugin was armed in providing these mixes, he instead enlisted the fine and pristinely maintained Cadac desk and an excellent selection of vintage and modern outboard of Air-Edel studios, London.
Alongside his mixes are numerous different tweakable perspectives to give you the chance to “easy tweak” to creating complex multi-tracks of your own. Blends and attitudes are primarily reflected in the loop library. So grab one of Andy’s awesome hi-hat grooves, then load his kit to work up the beat that you want.