Strezov Sampling WOTAN Male Choir v1.2

– 10 GB compressed and optimized sample content
– Instant Lord of the Rings sound!
– Separate recordings of ten tenors and ten basses
– The lowest basses ever sampled (Kontra G)
– 8 Polyphonic True Legato Patches (Ah, Oh, Mhm and MhmOhAh) for Tenors and Basses
– 8 powerful syllables recorded within 3 dynamic layers
– Sustain (1xRR) and Staccato (2xRR) samples
– 3 mic positions – Close, Decca, Hall + custom convolution reverb
– Whispers and Shouts with multiple RRs recorded for all syllables
– Bonus sample content – 3 types of clusters recorded for tenors and basses within 3 dynamic layers!
– The powerful Syllabuilder engine with CONNECT and MORPH modes that allow you to create your own sample content within Kontakt
– Ability to Load and Save your lyrics, built-in preset manager
– Integrated Help
– Combined and premixed men patch
– Lite patches for composers who don’t need all features of the library