Big Fish Audio FUEL Hard Rock

Hard Rock summons the sounds and stylings of the past present and future of Hard Rock. From AC/DC to Nickelback, the aggressive and hugely distorted guitars, driving drums, and intense basses are the trademark of this long-lasting musical genre. Whether your creating music for a commercial or tv cue or laying down the framework for your next hard rock hit, these kits are sure to impress. This product comes with 7.5 GB of total content (4.1GB of original 24-bit WAV content) that will bring instant inspiration and life to your musical palette. These 20 kits all come fully loaded with multiple song sections including, intros and endings, as well as numerous variations to expand your musical possibilities even further. Separate from all this is the complete multi-track drum parts allowing you to create drum mixes precisely as you like them. Don’t settle for watered-down rock when you can achieve the real thing with FUEL: Hard Rock!