CAPSUN ProAudio Trap Supreme

Trap Supreme is the legitimate sound of the Main Stage. Packed full of essential sounds and innovative samples to add to your production arsenal. Bass heavy, half speed beats and epic, anthemic melodics created by Italian producer and sound designer MrWood exclusively for CAPSUN ProAudio.
1.12GB of thumping royalty free sound content at 150BPM ready to drop straight into your DAW of choice. All the essentials for modern Trap production – Tearout Bass Growls, 808 Sub Bass, Lazer Synth Leads, Machine Gun Snares and Shotgun Brass Stabs. Inspirational Melodic Themes, Pumping Future Bass Pads, Chopped Vocals, Chants, FX and Risers. Totalling over 170 loops and over 160 One Shots!
Expect to also find 140 expertly programmed Drum & Percussion Loops and over 70 essential Drum One Shots, plus every drum loop as a Bonus Rex2 file. All drum loops are included as separate splits for maximum versatility, so you can build up an instant rhythm line or layer in complimentary percussion to your existing drums.
Trap Supreme has been influenced by the sound of artists and producers such as Dillon Francis, Borgore, Snails, Jack U, Flosstradamus, Bro Safari, Baauer, Brillz, Major Lazer, Party Favor, Tisoki, Yellow Claw, Slander and many more.
This collection is perfect for forward thinking Trap and Dubstep production and will provide inspiration for Future Bass, EDM, Rap, Grime and Drum & Bass.

140 Drum & Percussion WAV Loops
71 Drum & Percussion One Shots
160 Bonus Drum Rex2 Loops
5 Guitar WAV Loops
5 Guitar One Shots
41 Music WAV Loops
41 Music One Shots
30 Pads WAV Loops
28 Pads One Shots
14 Strings WAV Loops
14 Strings One Shots
12 Sub Bass WAV Loops
11 Sub Bass One Shots
29 Synth Bass WAV Loops
29 Synth Bass One Shots
29 Synth WAV Loops
20 Synth One Shots
11 Vocal WAV Loops
10 Vocal One Shots
10 Atmospheric WAV Loops
10 Risers WAV Loops
10 Riser One Shots

CAPSUN Proaudio Trap Soul and Liquid Gold

Fall backwards into the deep waters of Trap Soul & Liquid Gold. A world dripping in hypnotic melodics, transformed Vocals and vibrating 808 Subs. Built on a foundation of heavily saturated Kicks, bright Snares and fully automatic Hi-Hats. An expansive collection perfect for zoned out Future Hip-Hop, 808 RnB and Melodic Trap
Renowned producer Schroff aka iLLU! returns to CAPSUN ProAudio, emerging after months of experimental sound design with the long awaited return to his award winning sample pack Trap Wave & Ambient Haze. Expect lo-fi soul, slo-mo ambience and cloudy atmospherics laced throughout this collection.
Trap Soul & Liquid Gold dives deep into the zoned out world of emotive Trap and Ambient RnB. Over 1.27GB of all new royalty free loops and one shot samples showcasing innovative sound manipulation and contemporary processing. An all new collection of forward thinking Drum & Percussion one shot samples and loops drop flawlessly into the style whilst pushing boundaries and providing inspiring sonics.
Heavily effected melodics include tuned and pitched Vocals, Dusty Bells & Plucks, Lush Evolving Pads, Reverse Textures and Ambient Soundscapes. Buzzing 808 Sub Bass, Lo-Fi Keys, Futuristic Synths and more. Over 130 melodic one shots are included for producers building from the ground up. Add sparkle and movement with custom Risers, Transitions, Downshifters and FX.
Trap Soul & Liquid Gold has been influenced by the sounds of artists and producers such as Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, Noah 40 Shebib, London On the Track, Mike Will Made It, Sonny Digital, Bryson Tiller, Jeremih, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez, PartyNextDoor, ASAP Ferg, Future and Drake.
This pack is perfect for Melodic 808 Trap, Dark RnB, Future Hip-Hop, Ambient Downtempo, Grime and Lo-Fi House and Garage. However, the sounds will fit perfectly into Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Future Bass and just about any production needing some inspirational grit and ambient flair.

20 Full Drum Loops
20 HiHat Loops
20 Kick & Snare Loops
10 Alternative Drum Loops
84 Drum & Percussion One Shots
76 Drum & Percussion Bonus Rex2 Files
15 Ambient Loops
10 Ambient One Shots
10 Arpeggio Loops
10 Atmospheric Loops
10 Atmospheric One Shots
20 Bass Loops
15 Bass One Shots
20 Bells & Plucks Loops
15 Bells & Plucks One Shots
25 Keys Loops
20 Keys One Shots
20 Melodic Texture Loops
20 Pad Loops
20 Pad One Shots
20 Reverse Melodic Loops
10 Reverse Melodic One Shots
10 Strings Loops
5 Strings One Shots
20 Sub Low Loops
10 Sub Low One Shots
20 Synth Loops
10 Synth One Shots
20 Vox Loops
10 Vox One Shots
20 Risers, Transitions & FX

CAPSUN ProAudio Trap Bliss & Future Chill

– 24bit 44.1khz
– 953MB
– 27 Full Drum Loops
– 25 HiHat & Percussion Loops
– 23 Kick & Snare Loops
– 15 Alternative Loops
– 164 Drum & Percussion One Shots
– 90 Bonus Drum & Percussion Rex2 Loops
– 13 Arpeggio Loops
– 23 Bass Loops
– 18 Bass One Shots
– 10 Guitar Loops
– 20 Guitar One Shots
– 10 Keys Loops
– 11 Keys One Shots
– 9 Lead Loops
– 8 Lead One Shots
– 20 Pads Loops
– 13 Pads One Shots
– 20 Pluck Loops
– 18 Pluck One Shots
– 17 Rhythmic Synth Loops
– 15 Sub Bass Loops
– 19 Sub Bass One Shots
– 11 Synth Loops
– 28 Synth One Shots
– 11 Vocal Loops
– 19 Vocal One Shots
– 11 Atmospheric Loops
– 8 Textured FX Loops
– 11 FX One Shots
– 20 Risers & Downers

CAPSUN ProAudio Synthwave Ultraglow

CAPSUN ProAudio presents Synthwave Ultraglow fusing the signature elements of Chillwave, Synthpop and 80s New Wave and luring you deep into the world of lush synthesisers, pulsing bass, upfront classic drum machines and seriously over the top processing. Heavy saturation, tape, detuning, grunge and hiss. All essential elements of this intoxicating, anthemic electro sound.
Emotive FM Bells, driving modulated Basslines and drifting Analogue Synths invite you into a familiar dystopian world of of grungy 80s Sci-Fi soundtracks. Cassette hiss, Cinematic Sequences, thick atmospherics and heavily effected Guitars and Live Bass will lead you down into the dreamy electro sound of Chillwave and Classic Electronica.
826mb of inspirational royalty free sound content at 90BPM and 100BPM ready to drop straight into your DAW of choice. Featuring 80 future retro 4×4 drum loops, 120 Drum and Percussion Hits sampled from classic hardware drum machines and 12 epic gated reverb Tom Fills. Plus we’ve added every drum loop as a Bonus Rex2 file. All drum loops are included as separate splits for maximum versatility. Kick & Snare loops, Complex Full Loops, Percussive Top loops and HiHats allow you to build up and create quick layers or lace them under your own drum lines to add anthemic, saturated rhythms.
Synthwave Ultraglow has been influenced by the sounds of artists and producers such as Kavinsky, Com Truise, College, Future Cop, Perturbator, Electric Youth, Power Glove & Mitch Murder.
This collection is perfect for forward thinking Synthwave & Retrowave production and will provide inspiration for Electronica, Chillwave, Vaporware, Synthpop, New Wave, Electro & Classic House.

24bit 44.1khz
80 Drum & Percussion Loops
12 Tom Fill Loops
120 Drum & Percussion One Shots
92 Bonus Drum Rex2 Loops
26 Bass Loops
30 Bass One Shots
10 Guitar Loops
10 Guitar One Shots
17 Live Bass Loops
20 Live Bass One Shots
10 Pads Loops
10 Pads One Shots
32 Synth Loops
30 Synth One Shots
10 FX Loops
20 FX One Shots
12 Atmosphere Loops
10 Atmosphere One Shots

CAPSUN ProAudio Soulful Waves & Dream Trap

‘Soulful Waves & Dream Trap’ from CAPSUN ProAudio presents a hypnotic collection of soulful samples including blissed out guitars, lush melodics, organic atmospheric captures, saturated 808 sub bass and custom drum hits dripping with unique character. Discover a futuristic blend of experimental sound design and genre-bending samples created to inspire Hip-Hop, Future Beats, Melodic Trap and beyond.
A journey into cutting edge, genre defying production where the skippy, unquantised bedroom beats of Dilla influenced drums meets the glitched percussion, meticulous programming and foley sampling of future Trap production. Over 100 unique drum loops feature split layers for versatility, including full beats, kick & snare, hi-hats, percussion and alt drums (great for layering). 81 drum hits built from synthesis, found sounds, stacking, layering and processing include thick kicks, natural clap & snap stacks, lo-fi and Trap style hi-hats, extensive percussive hits and more.
A deep selection of melodic one-shots and loops take in dreamy Trap and Hip-Hop elements from evolving arpeggios and dusty pianos to shimmering pads and mono top leads. Guitars with plenty of drift, detuning and lo-fi processing create a nostalgic backdrop whilst foley recordings of birdsong, cityscapes and more add production polish. The low end is covered by huge 808 bass hits, classic synth bass lines and heavily saturated bass guitar.
This zoned out 785 MB sample collection features premium, Royalty-Free one-shot sounds and loops all created, designed and captured to push the boundaries of modern Trap and Hip-Hop production and introduce new ideas and production tools. Every loop has been meticulously Key Tagged and tempo-synced between 80-150 BPM.
‘Soulful Waves & Dream Trap’ has been created exclusively for CPA by London based producer, DJ and sound designer Skit. His signature sound is an ambient and experimental take on UK Bass music, Hip-Hop and Future Beats and his personal touch can be heard throughout the pack. He has established himself with releases on noted labels such as Wavemob, Terrorhythm, Future Beats Records and Yusoul.
Perfect for producers and musicians that favour Soulful Beats, Ambient Electronica, Chill Hop, Melodic Trap, Future Bass and Organic Hip-Hop.

• 24-Bit/44.1kHz
• 785 MB
• 28 Full Drum Loops
• 19 Hi-Hat Loops
• 27 Kick & Snare Loops
• 22 Alternative Drum Loops
• 8 Percussion Loops
• 81 Drum & Percussion One -Shots
• 9 808 & Sub Loops
• 11 808 & Sub One-Shots
• 20 Arpeggio Loops
• 11 Bass Loops
• 16 Bass One-Shots
• 20 Guitar Loops
• 21 Guitar One-Shots
• 20 Keys Loops
• 20 Keys One-Shots
• 11 Lead Loops
• 19 Pads Loops
• 13 Pads One-Shots
• 10 Synth Loops
• 29 Synth One-Shots
• 10 Atmospheric Loops
• 13 Transition Loops
• 12 FX One-Shots

CAPSUN ProAudio Soulful Piano and Keys Vol 2

Soulful Piano & Keys Vol. 2 follows the award winning Volume 1 and once again shines the spotlight on keyboards across the spectrum. Covering styles from soulful RnB, jazz progressions, neo-soul and perfect pop hooks to emotive piano themes, warm inspirational chord sequences and improvised melodies. Clean Pianos, Vintage Rhodes and Dusty Keys ready to layer or chop.

100 loops are included as MID

Capsun ProAudio Refined Sugar Lowkey Pop Feels

95 Drum & Perc Loops including:
37 full drum loops
20 percussion loops
30 no-kick drum loops
8 hihat loops
72 New & Original Drum & Perc One Shots including:
11 kicks
17 snares
19 claps and snaps
20 percussion
5 hihats
153 Melodic Loops including:
17 Songstarters
11 melodic resampled loops
32 synth loops
8 synth lead loops
15 pianos & keys loops
11 vocal loops
13 808 & sub bass loops
14 bass loops
7 guitar loops
19 mallets & plucked loops
6 pad loops
3 FX loops
45 Melodic One Shots including:
11 808, synth & sub bass one shots
24 chords and strums one shots
5 vocal one shots
5 melodic one shots

CAPSUN PROAUDIO Pavv Presents UK Bass & Garage

Pavv Presents UK Bass & Garage is an all new royalty free sample collection combining the hallmarks of Bassline Garage, 2-Step, UKG and Grime with Pavv’s trademark sound design and unique spin. Featuring a wide range of one shots and loops including killer bass and sub, MC vox drops, UK style orch stabs and rich retro pads. Straight up house keys, synthetic arpeggio layers and staccato choir chords blend to create the real, upfront sound of underground bass music. Plus layers of transition FX, risers, vinyl stops and rewinds!
Punchy kicks, gunshot rimshots and 909 and live style hats underpin the foundations. Crisp claps, essential percussion and classic crash cymbals add to the mix. A huge collection of shuffling, skippy and straight 4×4 drum loops includes Full Beats plus multiple split layers for versatility. All drum loops are also included as Bonus Rex2 loops.
Every loop has been meticulously Key Tagged and tempo-synced at 134bpm.
Pavv Presents UK Bass & Garage has been created exclusively for CAPSUN ProAudio by Brighton based DJ, producer and sound designer Pavv.
He has earned his slot in the Underground Bass scene with regular appearances at Brighton’s major venues and top clubs around the UK and Europe. Pavv established his sound with releases on Brighton’s local imprint Southpoint and UK labels such as Project Allout Records, Saucy Records, U Wot Blud? Records & In:flux Audio.
Designed to compliment upfront, forward thinking Garage and 4×4 Bass House production but also provide inspiration for Grime, Trap, EDM & Dubstep.

• 24-Bit/44.1kHz Quality
• 900 MB
• 28 Full Drum Loops
• 15 Hi-Hat Loops
• 16 Kick & Snare Loops
• 14 Percussion Loops
• 7 Drum Build Loops
• 74 Drum & Percussion One-Shots
• 80 Bonus Drum & Percussion REX2 Loops
• 10 Arpeggio Loops
• 10 Arpeggio One-Shots
• 20 Bass Loops
• 20 Bass One-Shots
• 10 Choir Loops
• 10 Choir One-Shots
• 15 Keys Loops
• 15 Keys One-Shots
• 10 Lead Loops
• 10 Lead One-Shots
• 10 Orchestral Loops
• 10 Orchestral One-Shots
• 20 Pad Loops
• 20 Pad One-Shots
• 10 Stabs Loops
• 10 Stabs One-Shots
• 20 Vocal Loops
• 20 Vocal One-Shots
• 15 Transitions FX