VR1 Big Room EDM construction kits

Structure of each track:
– 4 bars intro
– 2 bars buildup
– 16 bars DROP
– 8 bars breakdown
– 8 bars melodic DROP
– Inspired by Vicetone, Protocol Recordings, revealed recordings, Martin Garrix, Jay Hardway, DVBBS, Borgeous, Showtek, Dimitri Vegas, and many more top artists around the world

Unison Trap Collection For Serum

It’s time to take your trap game to the top.
This collection is inspired by trap music legends like RL Grime, Flosstradamus, Yellow Claw and Bro Safari.
We uncovered the secrets of their sound design and packed them into this premium soundbank for you to download and use in your own tracks.
The result? A heavy collection of Serum presets featuring filthy 808’s, grimy basses, face-melting leads, pristine plucks and wild FX.
Plus, every preset inside is fully loaded with macros and flexible parameters, enabling you to tweak, customize, and truly make each sound your own.

15 Filthy 808’s
15 Grimy Basses
30 Face-Melting Leads
20 Pristine Plucks
5 Wild FX

Unison Tech House Collection For Serum

It’s time to take your tech house tracks to the top.
This collection is inspired by tech house studs like FISHER, Camelphat, Green Velvet and Billy Kenny.
We uncovered the secrets of their sound design and packed them into this premium soundbank for you to download and use in your own tracks.
The result? A smooth collection of Serum presets featuring groovy basses, unique keys, signature leads, crisp plucks and spicy FX.
Plus, every preset inside is fully loaded with macros and flexible parameters, enabling you to tweak, customize, and truly make each sound your own.

33 Groovy Basses
10 Unique Keys
33 Signature Leads
12 Crisp Plucks
12 Spicy FX

Unison Audio Unison Ice’d Out Collection for Serum

• 200 x (.Synthesizer VSTi Presets) For (Xfer Records Serum)
• 028 x Ground-Shaking 808s
• 031 x Unique Basses
• 005 x Captivating Guitars
• 033 x Diverse Keys
• 035 x Catchy Leads
• 023 x Dreamy Pads
• 040 x Crisp Plucks
• 005 x Strings And Pianos
• 006 x FL Studio Project Files Of The (Demo Track) – All Audio Stems And Drum Samples From The (Demo Track)

Unison Audio Psytrance Collection For Serum

Inspired by artists such as Vini Vici, Neelix, Mandragora, Ghost Rider and Coming Soon!!!, we set out to unlock the secrets of their sound design and pack them into this premium soundbank.
The result? A complete collection of 90 Serum presets consisting of mysterious atmospheres, punchy basses, wild leads, spacious pads, fresh plucks and unique effects.
The Unison Psytrance Collection for Serum will help you:
Create tracks full of power and punch…
Make those signature psytrance basslines…
Bring out new levels of atmosphere in your productions…
Experience flow states as you easily access the specific sounds you need…
Inject unique, refreshing sounds into your music…
In addition, every single preset inside is loaded with macros and flexible parameters, enabling you to tweak, customize, and truly make each sound your own.
And of course, like with all Unison products, you’re always protected by our 100% money-back guarantee, where you can get a no-questions-asked refund if for any reason you aren’t satisfied.
Why? Because we’re fully confident that you’ll love the Unison Psytrance Collection for Serum and the difference it’ll make in your music.

10 Mysterious Atmos
35 Punchy Basses
15 Wild Leads
5 Spacious Pads
10 Fresh Plucks
15 Unique FX Sounds

UNDRGRND Sounds Micro House

Time to take a trip to the deep, twisted and techy world of Micro House. Inspired by the likes of Perlon, Kompakt and Alphahouse, this one is for the real underground heads: intricate drum workouts, glitchy textures, reworked melodics, narcotic grooves, left-field sampling, dubby textures primed for house, minimal and techno producers who want 700MB of unapologetically underground sounds.
Deep, dubby and druggy, there’s nothing here that would sound out of place in a Villalobos freak-a-thon: glitch-tech grooves, wonky melodics, clever resampling and subtle sonic manipulations designed to take you on a serious trip.
Drums > Techy, tracky, glitchy and wacky: hundreds of intricate minimal grooves and funky micro house workouts packing punch and funk. Supplemented with folders of kick-free workouts and trippy percussive grooves.
Bass > Deep and rolling bass grooves hitting all the right frequencies. Pure analogue workouts key-labeled for your convenience.
Melodics > Trippy instrumentals, wonky synths, dark elements, glitchy grooves and more. From stripped-out music loops to standalone synths there’s stacks of melodic inspiration waiting to be mined. Again, key-labeled throughout.
FX & Hits > Twisted analogue textures and resampled elements to layer in the mix. Scores of our finest layered and processed kicks, snares, hats and percussion one-shots for serious audiophiles who want total beat control.

> 213 x 24-bit Wav loops
> 73 x 24-bit one-shots / 4 custom-kits
> 213 x Rex2 files
> 213 x Apple Loops

UNDRGRND Sounds LA Beat Scene

Combining elements of hip-hop, future bass, experimental electronica, downtempo and future R&B, this diverse collection comes correct with trippy-ass synths, poppin’ beats, phat bass, ethereal vocals and out-there FX textures for producers who know what’s up.
Forget cookie-cutter beats and plastic Massive patches. LA Beat Scene is all about the raw analogue sound: 909/707/808 meets MPC meets Juno 106 meets Yamaha DX7 meets… you get the picture. These are experimental, analogue and underground sounds for fans of Fly Lo’, The Gaslamp Killer and Daedalus.
Beats > Serious beats that slam, skitter and scatter your brain. From full drum grooves to poppin’ percussion loops and intricate kick-free rhythms through to killer drum one-shots organised in ready-to-play sampler kits and hit-type patches.
Bass > Floor-shaking subs, dirty analogue grooves and heavily processed low-end loops offer serious bass response. Loops include key information as standard and we include MIDI to give you full control over bass patterns. We’ve also added a folder of bass one-shots which come with sampler patches to make custom basslines a breeze.
Melodic Cuts > From space-age synth funk to chilled and chopped trap: discover this huge folder of ready-mixed melodic loops packed with rich analogue synths, real Rhodes, phat bass, detailed FX textures and warped vocals. Each cut comes with a fully mixed loop and individual element loops. Key information and MIDI is offered where possible.
Synths > Straight-up-illin’ analogue synths and keys: fat poly chords, wavey filtered loops, trippy mono leads and more. Key information and MIDI offered where possible.
FX > Electronic modulations and explorations in loop and one-shot format as well as a folder of heavily processed noise and ambient recording loops.
Vocals > Chopped and screwed reversed and reworked vocal tools. Key information provided where possible.

677 Wav loops
51 Bass Loops
200 Drum Loops
232 Music Loops
25 Synth Loops
20 Texture Layers
30 Top Percussive Loops
25 Vocal Loops
110 One-shots 545
Rex2 Files 545
Apple Loops
178 MIDI Files

UNDRGRND Sounds Classic Deep House

We fire up the 707, 909, DX7, M1, SH-101 and MPC to craft this authentic collection of classic deep house loops, MIDI and samples inspired by the best of 90s deep and US house music.
From 80s house pioneers like MAW and Todd Terry through to 90s superstars like MK, Kerri Chandler and DJ Sneak, this sample pack is loaded with sounds that capture the raw energy synonymous with the golden era of US-leaning deep house.
Packed with jackin’ drums and shuffling percussion grooves, bumpin’ basslines, retro organ riffs, classic piano chords, all-analogue synths, soaring strings, funky drum fills, gritty drum hits and sampler-ready chord one-shots, this collection is overflowing with authentic inspiration for classic house, deep house and US house.
Drums > Everything you need to get that authentic pumpin’ and jackin’ 90s house sound! 108 quintessential deep house grooves including the usual stripped-out stems for total beat control.
Bass > 129 bumping analogue basslines spanning the house and deep house spectrum: Classic SH-101 workouts, DX7 riffs and jumping Juno licks. All key-labeled and offered with MIDI versions as standard.
Organ Loops > Pure 90s house, deep house and US garage house organ loops created from the iconic DX7 and Korg M1. All loops are key-labeled and offered with MIDI.
Synth Loops > Classic chord progressions, rich analogue stabs, soulful filtered melodics and trippy synth leads: 103 essential melodic loops oozing classic and deep house sensibilities. Key-labeled and offered with MIDI.
Piano Loops > A pivotal sound in classic deep house of the 90s: load up on 50 bright and bold piano riffs from classic synths of the day. Key-labeled with MIDI included.
Pad Loops > Rich, smooth, soulful and deep selection of polyphonic pads to take things on a seriously deep tip. Key information and MIDI provided throughout.
Tops & Percussion Loops > Two folders of kick-free drum tools crafted from classic machines such as the 707 and 909. Sampler and tape machine processed for added warmth and grit – just like the house masters of the 90s.
Chord Stabs, Pads & Strings > 103 authentic analogue synth chords stabs, synth strings and polyphonic pads – simply fire up your favourite sampler and get jamming for that distinctive US and deep house vibe.
Drum Fills > 20 funked-up and sampler-jacked drum fills to give your drums that jacked 90s flavour! Tempo-synced for easy drag-and-drop use in your DAW.
FX > Classic synth-based spot FX: lasers, blasts, modulations, shifters and lifters. Arrangement essentials that never let you down.
Drum Hits > Classic house and deep house beatmaking becomes a breeze with 150+ classic drum machine and vintage processed drum hits. Contains sub-folders of 135 killer kicks, crunchy claps, crispy hats and primed percussion hits for instant old school house vibes! We’ve also created a handful of ready-to-play drum kits for instant inspiration.

> 682 x Wav loops
> 682 x Rex2 files
> 439 x MIDI files
> 376 x Wav one-shots
> 5 x drum kits for Ableton Drum Rack, Battery 4, Kong & EXS24

UNDRGRND Junglist Rave Techno

25 bass loops / 25 MIDI
168 drum loops (inc stems)
20 pad loops / 20 MIDI
45 percussion loops
25 synth loops / 24 MIDI
25 TB-303 loops 25 MIDI
21 claps
18 hats
28 kicks
16 percussion hits
18 backspin shots
3 custom drum kits for Ableton Drum Rack, Battery 4, EXS24 or Kong.