Rankin Audio Ultimate House Stabs

Rankin Audio is back once more with a new pack of the freshest sounds!
What you are getting here is a whopping collection of 205 single hit stabs, all keyed up ready for you to use in your latest dancefloor smasher. We delved deep into places that others were afraid to tread to create this library of hugely varied stabs and chords, from vinyl-laden whurlitzers to vintage rhodes cuts, dark opppressive techno stabs, DnB ready saw oscillators, jazzy house stabs, tight garage chords, 90’s house classics, Korg M1 rave piano shots and everything in between!
There is a massive collection of 150 synthetic stabs covering every genre and vibe you could want, from cold digital sounds to warm, rich analog tones and everything in between, from techno to garage to house and back to techno again, via the garage and perhaps stopping at the house at the end!
Also included are 55 live chords from a huge array of famous and lesser known vintage pianos, fender rhodes, organs, clavs, whurlis and too many more to mention. We’ve also included 31 stab loops at 124bpm that could easily form the backbone of your next deep or tech house anthem.

205 Synth & Chord One Shot Stabs
31 Synth Stab Loops

Rankin Audio Ultimate Dubstep

As far back as the dark ages, men (and some women) have battled valiantly in a quest for the Ultimate Dubstep. Few have even come close.
But now, in the year 2011, against all the odds. Rankin Audio have found, captured and tamed The Ultimate Dubstep.
Weighing in at just under a gigabyte of balls-to-the-wall sounds. 50 NI Massive presets, single bass hits that would make a 40 year old, Eastern European Prostitute winse in disgust. 6 perfectly processed drum kits including High Rankin’s personal kick and snare, prized from his tightly gripped mits with threats of leaking the pictures of him dressed as Thatcher screaming ‘Im the Iron Lady, all the girlies love me’. Enough synth riffs, FX, textures and risers to choke a dozed David Dickensons and all the basslines you’ll need to quite literally dominate your friendship group.
Ladies and mentlegen, we give you… The Rankin Audio – Ultimate Dubstep Pack.

24 Bit Quality 878MB 71 Bassloops 103 Bleepy Synth Riffs 67 Single Drum Hits 47 FX and Risers 50 Glitch Loops 20 Glitch Vocal Loops 50 Ni Massive Presets for version 1.3.0+ 19 Pads and Textures 55 Single Bass Hits 17 Synth Loops 50 Percussion Loops

Rankin Audio Ultimate Dubstep 3

After the roaring success for Ultimate Dubstep 1 and 2, the crack team of sound designers at Rankin Audio finally gave in to all the shouting for a volume 3.
Keeping up the heat and pushing the filth even further, this is a pack you won’t want to miss. For fans of Knife Party, Kill The Noise and Captain Skrillex this is a must.
Complete with a tasty little collection of NI Massive presets for those looking for some gritty growling bass work. Punchy and full drum hits to make sure that your drops have the impact you want them to, all EQ’d perfectly to just be dropped straight in to the mix. A selection of music and synth loops to add some musicality and body to your tracks and even a collection of chord stabs to add a bit of flavour to your drops.
Pads and textures are there to bulk out your mix and add an extra layer of depth. Rich organic pads and long full drones are just what the doctor ordered. All the bass one shots you can eat if you feel the need for a fully processed bass sound to give you track that extra little flare. Basslines a plenty to be chopped up, mashed together, reversed and glitched until your heart’s content. Plenty of SFX for the extra touches that give your track a professional and highly produced feel. This pack has everything you need to make an absolute moster.

24 Bit Quality618MB20 NI Massive Presets (.nmsv format)111 Basslines51 Bass One Shots10 Chords10 Combi Loops35 Drum Loops28 Percussion Loops40 Single Drum Hits56 Music Loops24 Pads & Textures40 SFX

Rankin Audio Ultimate Dubstep 2

After the bass powerhouse that was Ultimate Dubstep 1 the time is finally upon us for Ultimate Dubstep 2.
“What have you been waiting for?” I hear you cry. Well, naturally we’ve been busy with all the wild chicks and parties we were forced to indulge after the success of the first pack. Dinners with the Obamas, dog walks with Beyonce and the less fun backpacking with Keith Chegwin.
But luckily we managed to take some time out to fire up the bass canons and put our backs into some serious sound design.
Ultimate usability is as always the name of the game with bass, synth and drums and FX crafted by some of finest producers in the scene. Once again i can guarantee 0% modern talking bass and only the very finest of layer, processed and effected sounds.
The pack has everything you need to either add an extra flare to your work or to start building your next monster from scratch.

24 Bit Quality 546MB 66 NI Massive Presets 107 Single Hit Bass Sounds 29 Bass Loops 13 Chopped Vocal Loops 31 Drum Loops 15 FX & Risers 36 Single Hit Drum Sounds 12 Single Hit Synth Sounds 39 Synth Riffs 30 Tops Percussion Loops 20 Tuned Vocal Stabs

Rankin Audio Ultimate Bass House

2014 has been a serious year for House Music and especially the bass heavy, garage influenced end which has blown up beyond anyones expectations. Clubs, cars, bedrooms, iPods, and laptops have been hammering out the Bass House sound all year to baying mobs of fans of all ages.
Now Rankin Audio is here to give producers a helping hand and some full scale inspiration through everyones favourite VST powerhouse, NI Massive Synth. 101 presets covering every element you need to make some full on, club rocking Bass House.
Loaded with full, rich Bass, stabbing chords, lush melodic pads and even some risers and FX for good measure. We’ve got Garage style donks and organs, oldskool reece bass cira 187 Lockdown, warping bass a la RIP Groove and a whole batch of ruff and raw modern bass growls. Each sound has been meticulously designed to drop straight into your track without needing anything done to it. That’s not to say you can’t tweak, process and mash up the sounds to your liking though, we pride ourselves on offering maximum flexibility. Each sound comes with a set of Macros for ease of tweak and are laid out in categories for easy browsing.
This is a one stop shop for all Bass House fans. A collection you’ll be coming back to for years to come.
Please Note: requires Ni Massive 1.3.1 or above.
Drums are for illustation only and not contained within this pack

Ni Massive 1.3.1+ Presets
16 Donk Presets
10 Reese Bass Presets
10 Warps Presets
10 Clean Bass Presets
10 Pad Presets
10 Stab Presets
10 Ruff Bass Presets
5 LFO Bass Presets
3 Sub Presets
7 FX Presets

Rankin Audio UK House and Garage

This bass filled library sets you up with everything you need to craft a whole bunch of bangers. From swung 2 step beats to pumping, beefy basslines, nostalgic chords to screwface bass shots, jazz-inspired synths to warm, processed vocals, feel-good piano loops to dusty filtered pads, lush keys to tribal percussion loops, light plucked melodies to complex percussion patterns, classic house stabs to moody pads and more.
Construct your own loops with our library of one shots featuring nasty, wobbly bass shots, warm, gorgeous synth & pad shots, and a massive library of drum and percussion shots featuring pitched snares, crackling claps, glistening hi-hats, swung percussion noises and big, thumping kicks. This library has everything you need to kick start your muse into action.
In detail expect to find 530MB in 24 Bit Quality Wav Audio including 23 Bass Loops, 35 Drum Loops, 52 Music Loops, 17 Vocal Loops, 18 Bass One Shots, 33 Melodic One Shots, 18 Hat samples, 21 Kicks and 16 Snares and Claps.

Rankin Audio UK Hip Hop

UK Hip Hop is Rankin Audio’s freshest batch of warm, organic goodness. This full to the brim library of nostalgic, raw, tape-drenched recordings of lush chords & lofi beats is perfect for making anything from pure UK Hip Hop to ambient electronica and everything in between. This collection has everything you’ll need to create your own full hip hop beats using everything from lo-fi processed acoustic guitar to live piano loops, raw, stripped back drum loops, ghostly vocal loops, deep, gut-wrenching sub bass to funkier, bouncy live bass & gritty, foley percussion. Create beautifully nostalgic imagery in your tracks with the gorgeous vinyl static recordings, clear rain drops & tape noise included.
Every drum loop featured in this library comes with every part stripped down for complete, maximum control, as well as all the drum one shots themselves so you can build your own loops from scratch. All loops included have been ran through state of the art saturation software and plugins modelled on vintage software to give each one that dusty warmth we all know and love.

1.1GB 24 Bit Wavs
31 Bass loops
38 Drum Loops
154 Stripped Drum Loops
27 Percussion Loops
17 Ambience Loops
12 Risers
12 Soundscapes
97 Melodic Loops
30 Vocal FX Loops
35 Claps And Snare One Shots
12 Crashe One Shots
20 Hit Hat One Shots
20 Kick One Shots
21 Perc One Shots
7 Ride cymbal One Shots
57 Melodic One Shots

Rankin Audio UK Bass & Garage Ableton Projects

It’s big, its heavy and it’s funky as hell. Uk Bass is tearing up the club scene not only in the UK but all over the world. Laced with thick, chunks basslines that pump through the bottom end of your system to heavily swung drum patterns that bring home the classic garage vibe.
Now Rankin Audio is proud to bring the next instalment in our Ableton Projects series. A perfect way for producers to learn in depth production techniques right from the DAW itself.
You can delve deep into the structure and layout of each track and how automation ties together transitions and keeps a level of movement within each track. How the bass is balanced with the drums, where different sound are placed within the mix and how the track is glued together sonically with master channel processing . Learn new drum programming techniques, sound design processes and how fx shape the end sound. You will be able to edit, rework, remix, chop, screw and do anything you like to them. See how each channel is made up, the FX chains, drum racks, the EQ, the compression, the side chaining, gating, everything. This is far and beyond the quickest and most effective way to learn the techniques used by professional producers all over the world and apply the knowledge to you own tracks.
As always, Rankin Audio gives nothing but super usable content that will help to improve and shape the way you produce. Enjoy

4 Ableton Live 9.1 project files.
Requires Ableton 9.1 or above
For non Suite users, Operator channels have also been provide as audio stems.
Requires NI Massive 1.3.3 or above
100% Royalty Free

Rankin Audio Techy Synth Riffs

So you’ve got the main bones of your track together but it feels a little empty. It needs something, but you’re not sure what.
Look no further, Rankin Audio is here to fill your hole. Techy Synth Riffs is 170 simple and effective riffs to give your track depth and warmth.
Bring them in and out, filter them, verb them, delay they living snot out of them. All tempo synced and brandishing key info like an excited toddler with a new toy.
Before long you will find this pack is your new best friend, always there when you need him, always listening and never judging.
He doesn’t mind you’ve been up all night chasing strange women, he just wan’t to breath new depth into your tracks. Then kiss you on the forehead as you drift off to sleep.

171 Wav Loops