24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

•Action Packed
•Build Ups
•Drum Kit
•Drumm N Bass
•Hip Hop
•Rock Scratch
•Special FX

Sample Logic Morphestra 2

Instrument Categories

ATMOSPHERES – Continuously sustained soundscapes that are static or full of organic motion

Bizarre – Unusual and experimental with a wide variety of motion and effects
Dark – Mysterious – Spooky, haunting, frightful, setting the tone for darkness and fear
Electronic – Effectual – Consisting of synthetic elements
Mixed Emotions – Confused and blurred moods
Stingers – Ambient gestures with transient impact
World – Organic – Consisting of real-world elements such as voices, flutes, etc.


Arpeggiated – Customizable tempo-synced arpeggiator driven melodic loops
Bells – Mallets – Melodic instruments derived from recording various mallet instruments
Keys – Melodic instruments similar to traditional keyboard instruments.
Strings – Melodic instruments derived from recording various stringed instruments
Synths – Morphed variants on synthesizer sounds
Winds – Melodic instruments derived from recording various wind instruments

LOOPS – Tempo-synced rhythmic sequences

Action Packed
Electronic – Effectual
Hat – Lite
Melodic – Harmonic
Pop Hop
World – Organic


Impact Sequences – Customizable tempo-synced arpeggiator driven percussive loops
Impacts – One-shot percussive hits.
Kits – Multi-hit collections of percussive sounds
Transitions – Strategic rhythmic gestures for blending and bridging events and musical ideas

Sample Logic Trailer Xpressions II The BOOM Experience

Recorded and delivered at the superior fidelity of 96khz, 24-bit quality, TRAILER EXPRESSIONS II contains over 1,775 sampled sounds that have been intuitively programmed into 47 instruments and organized into ready-made construction kits. That means it takes just seconds, not hours, to find the perfect sound for any trailer or hybrid track. With samples derived from instruments, field recordings, vehicles, and many other sources – all processed with BOOM’s usual flair for sonic perfection, this product squarely defines the Sample Logic mission to “blur the line between music and sound design.” Selected for TXII are only the most detailed atmospheres and drones for suspenseful scoring and risers and stingers that will have listeners on the edge of their seats. The brams will blow woofers to pieces, and the spine-tingling scrapes will terrify any moviegoer. With powerful whooshes, reverses, and hits, this toolkit is the premier virtual instrument for gut-wrenching action impacts and badass trailer slams!

After months of meticulous research and auditioning all of the fantastic sounds available in BOOM’s archives, Sample Logic has handpicked a selection of the most incredible trailer sounds ever designed. These are not just any old SFX samples, but a curated collection of “gold standard” sounds especially chosen to be versatile, flexible, and work perfectly with one another.

Most trailer sound products and albums require that each sound is licensed on a per-use basis and often are only available as raw audio files, leaving end-users on their own to crop and manipulate the sounds before they can even be used. With TRAILER XPRESSIONS II, the goal was to simplify the creative process by delivering the best of both worlds, a sound library of license-free insanely expressive audio files produced by BOOM Library and a dynamic virtual instrument developed by Sample Logic. Ownership of TXII grants a lifetime license for the use of all of its contents. No future licensing or royalty fees are required. In this way, TXII delivers a world-class product that provides amazing trailer sounds with the flexibility and creative ease to suit anyone’s workflow. In addition to the construction kit virtual instruments (with a UI designed for morphing and sculpting), TXII provides direct access to the raw audio files that drive the instruments. These audio files are delivered in .wav format and can be directly imported into any DAW. Each audio file name is indicated right inside the virtual instrument interface, so as they are played, and info text is displayed in the GUI to indicate the sound file folder location.

TXII contains sounds from the following commercial BOOM Library products:

Sample Logic Rumble


A complete collection of traditional marching drum instruments (snares, multi-tenors, basses, cymbals) recorded with multiple round-robins, multiple dynamic levels, and at three microphone distances.
A complete collection of evocative morphed “cinematic” instruments and loops.
Atmospheric/ambient soundscapes
Rhythmic/percussive tempo-synced loops
Tonal and percussive arpeggiated/articulated instruments
Sequenced instruments using the “core-effect sequencer”
Impacts, big-hit ensembles, and kits
Swipes, scrapes, and reverse transitional effects


Performance-ready multis (playable interactive preset templates made from multiple instruments)
Over 75 score-ready multis

Additional multis included in Rumble were created by award-winning composer Trevor Morris.

Sample Logic ARPOLOGY Cinematic Dimensions

The team has spent an entire year developing ARPOLOGY: CINEMATIC DIMENSIONS, which quadruples the power of the original ARPOLOGY with the addition of an all-new 4-core performance engine, individually animating four instruments to create one cohesive sound. This allows users to blend up to 4 devices while using different arp patterns at the same time, yielding amazingly creative results. This new iteration of ARPOLOGY is not only more powerful but includes 23+GB of recorded instruments (from the original ARPOLOGY and newly registered content). The library boasts over 1,200 presets designed to deliver flexible sequencing and arpeggiated grooves for all types of cinematic productions.

Sample Logic Assault

The Instruments
• Arpeggiated – Customizable tempo-synced sequenced impacts.
• Combos – A combination of sound elements that sustain and morph over time.
• Impacts
• Interrupters – Short non-tempo synced transition effects for bridging tempo/key variant music transitions.
• Reverses
• Rises – Falls
• Scrapes
• Sweeps
• Quick Kits – Instruments containing large collections of samples from one genre.

The Multis
Powerful preset templates combining various ASSAULT instruments into all-in-one presets.
• Construction Beds – Various instrument types mapped out across the keymap in zones.
• Instrument Stacks – Several instruments stacked on top of one another, sharing the same keymap range.

Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars Infinity

After years of honing the art of cinematic sound creation, Sample Logic now brings you the most powerful Cinematic Virtual Instrument collection ever invented – CINEMATIC GUITARS INFINITY – an extensive selection of 4 sample libraries in 1: CG1, CG2, CG3, & INFINITY.

Powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player, this definitive collection advances the legacy of the CINEMATIC GUITARS family by including the complete award-winning versions of Cinematic Guitars 1 and 2 while sporting two completely new and original sample libraries, CINEMATIC GUITARS 3 and INFINITY. CG3 is forged from all new samples recorded by guitar hero Steve Ouimette.

INFINITY is an amalgamation of the CG trilogy, incorporating all of the samples from each CG library as its source material making it the cornerstone of CINEMATIC GUITARS INFINITY and the new golden standard for cinematic virtual instruments. If massive, dramatic, cinematic sounds are called for, CINEMATIC GUITARS INFINITY will outperform and exceed all of your needs.

Sample Logic Electro City

1010 loop sources, 487 loop cores, 325 multi core instruments, and a 1.75 compressed sample library using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression (5GB uncompressed). All samples are delivered at 44.1kHz/24-bit.

•Over 1,800 sound presets, with many combinations
•Four loop core engine
•Hot-swappable effects chain technology
•Fully “randomizable” interface
•Dozens of customizable effects presets
•Native Instruments’ NKS and Maschine ready