StudioPlug Official Mix and Master

This Professional Mixing & Mastering Pack Contains Preset Files For The FL Studio Mixer. No more having the hassle of taking hours on trying to mix and master, simply drag and drop a file of open
It also contains my official single kick, 808, perc, snare, hihat etc.
File contains a video on how to install presets and a quick pdf on how to use the presets.
There is a total of 16 presets, these are the presets included-
808s,Bell Pads,Dark Synths, Dist Percs, HiHats, Kicks, Live HiHats, Live Shakers,Open Hats, Pads, Percs, Pianos. Snares,Synths, Synth Percs, StudioPlug Official Master (for master only)

StudioPlug Lil Skies Drum Midi Kit

A brand new 2018 drum/midi kit containing (10) Claps, (10) Snares, (10) 808’s, (5) Kicks, (10) Percs, (5) Open Hats, (10) Hi Hats, (10) FX & (10) adjustable midis, inspired by Lil Skies & other rappers of the new generation. This kit was designed to bring you hq sounds to each beat you make! These sounds and midis work in all DAW’s (FL Studio, Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, Maschine, MPC & More)

StudioPlug WondaGurl Life Drum Kit

The Official Drum Kit Of Travis Scott’s Go To Famous Female Producer “Wondagurl”. The Sounds In This Kit Have Been Created And Inspired From Songs Like “Goosebumps” “Beibs In The Trap” & “Antidote”.

(15) 808
(15) CLAPS
(15) FX
(20) HI HATS
(15) KICKS
(15) VOX
(15) PERCS