Zenhiser Ultimate Psytrance Drum Kit 01

Every once in a while a sample pack comes around that simply blows us away and ‘Ultimate Psytrance Drum Kit 01’ is one of those killer sample packs.
Ultimate Psytrance Drum Kit 01 is an awe inspiring collection of incredibly high end psytrance drum sounds and drum sfx. Built from the ground up with the intention of supplying some of most creative psytrance drum sounds this trance drum kit delivers all and much much more. Over 300 psy trance drum hits makes up this collection with variants including intrinsic kicks, snappy tempo matched snare hits, evolving crashes, tight hi end hats, bouncing sfx and more.
The idea and concept behind ‘Ultimate Psytrance Drum Kit 01’ is an evolutionary direction that we love here at Zenhiser. With a broad selection of psytrance drum hits, some delivered dry, some wet and some with bpm matched pattern fx this drum kit takes sample libraries into a whole new direction delivering a exceptional user compatibility that gives producers and remixers a new wealth of ideas and concepts from the very start of their productions.
We’re sure you’ll love ‘Ultimate Psytrance Drum Kit’ as much as we do so check out the preview and add this sample pack to your Psytrance and Trance collection.

309 Wav Loops

Zenhiser Trap Vs Twerk

It doesn’t get any bigger than this, “Trap Vs Twerk” is an absolute monster bringing you ear damaging hooks, speaker destroying basslines, 808 style beats and some of the tightest one shots you’ve ever heard. There’s also killer fx, crisp as f*ck drums and super addictive synth loops.
“Trap Vs Twerk” has everything you need to create the real Trap & Twerk sound, it’s over 1GB in size and gives you creative control from the ground up. We didn’t make a sample pack that sounds like famous producers we made a Trap & Twerk pack that had all original sounds, melodies, basslines and beats.
Tempos range from 95bpm to 108bpm with all major components separated. BPM and key information is added to filename’s to ensure ease of use plus everything is foldered and named correctly making your use an absolute breeze.
“Trap Vs Twerk” was made exclusively for producers in the dirty grime game and will lift your future tracks to new heights. So if you’re want Trap samples and Twerk sounds that blow your mind look no further, this is your one stop sample shop for all things original, fresh and new. Sh*t we love our job!

Basslines – 50
Drum Beats – 149
Drums – Kicks – 21
Drums – Hi Hats – 8
Drums – Claps – 24
Drums – Snares – 20
Drums – Percussion – 34
Full Loops – 50
FX – 50
One Shots – 50
Synth Loops – 98

Zenhiser Trance Synth Shots

As our Trance catalogue evolves so does our style of packs which creates new opportunities for Trance producers and remixers. Our latest instalment is “Trance One Shots”, 270 primed, essential one shot sounds designed to re-shape your trance tracks in ways you never thought possible.

• Trance Bass – 50
• Trance Multi Chords – 50
• Trance Single Chords – 40
• Trance Leads – Long – 40
• Trance Leads – Short – 40
• Trance Synths – Misc – 50
• Presets Used In preview – Spire – 7
• Presets Used In preview – Sylenth – 1

Zenhiser Timeless Chords and Stabs

Are you listening to tracks and wondering, where did the producer get all those classic sounds from? Well, there’s no doubt it’s from “Timeless Chords & Stabs”. We’ve painstakingly created a library dedicated to the biggest sounds from the 1990’s & early 2000’s. This retro pack collection has been reborn as the sound of today, with most of the ubiquitous chords and stabs being used in nearly every sub genre of House, from Bass House to Future, Chill House to Future House. Don’t be fooled though, there’s such a wide array of nostalgic sounds included in the pack you probably haven’t even heard of half of them unless you were in the music business back in the day. We’ve managed to cram 846 multi sampled synth sounds into this pack including Bass Hits, Synth Chords & Melodic Stabs.

Bass Hits – 168 samples
Chords – 478 samples
Synth Hits – 200 samples

Zenhiser The Vintage House Construktion Kit 01

Delving deep into the vaults of the classic house sound ‘The Vintage House Construction Kit’ delivers a memorizing collection of retro house sounds and loops. Jam packed with over 1.1GB of classic house beats, drum sounds, noises, chords, synth loops, bass hits, key loops, bass loops and more makes this collection of retro house samples a must for all serious house enthusiasts. From the Classic American Sound through to the yesteryears Jackin’ Vibe ‘The Vintage House Construktion Kit’ deploys a musical orgasm of classic groovy house sounds that are not only becoming the sound of tomorrow but a base collective of today and past days.
Employing both classic house single hit samples with retro music loops this sample pack offers something for a broad range of house producers and remixers. If you’re simply looking to add a core base of retro house samples to your sampler then this pack is for you. If you’re needing some inspiration and looking to give your tracks that classic house groove then this pack is for you. And if you want the building blocks to create a truly professional house music production in minutes then this sample pack is for you too!
With over 720 pristine retro house samples and loops this construction kit can not be missed. The level of production and audio quality in each sample from the kick drum library through to the synth loops is second to none delivering a huge sample library of classic house grooves and sounds that will not go out of fashion. This is simply a stock sample collection you must own!

724 Wav Loops & Hits

Zenhiser Studio Essentials Trance

We’ve been waiting a while for this sample pack and boy was it worth the wait. Studio Essentials – Trance delves straight into the trance realm and superbly covers a multitude of sub genres including, trance, progressive trance, tech trance and progressive house all in one shot! This is an incredible melting pot of samples and loops that will drive a whole aray of your trance productions and remixes. Every category is packed full of the latest and truly inspirational samples including an unbelievable collection of synth hooks with basslines to match, superb drum sounds including tight ass kicks, a massive selection of fx including, fx, fx hits, fx loops and just about everything else you would need to get your trance productions off the ground.
It’s not often a sample pack offers you so many hooks and even less often when each hook is incredibly programmed and mastered. And with Zenhiser’s Studio Essentials Series once you find the hook you like, you can match up a bassline that works with that hook by it’s number, then add the corresponding beat and you’re on your way. This sample packs weighs in at just over 1 GB so you know just how much tasty trance stuff you’re getting and as with all sample packs in this series, all relevant music parts have key information in the file name and bpm for instant use.
If you like your trance sounds inspirational, driving, melodic, deep or progressive then this is the sample pack for you. Trust us when we say this sample pack is truly awesome, hey just check out the preview and we’re sure this will be in your shopping cart straight away. This is the must away of trance sounds for any trance producer, remixer or dj.
So what’s in Studio Essentials – Trance, well check this out:
Basslines – 55 loops
Drum Beats – 195 loops
Drums – Kicks – 10 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 15 samples
Drums – Claps – 12 samples
Drums – Snares – 10 samples
Drums – Crashes – 11 samples
Drums – Rides – 5 samples
Drums – Tambourines – 5 samples
Drums – Percussion – 41 samples
FX – 26 samples
FX Hits – 20 samples
FX Loops – 10 samples
Synth Stabs – 67 samples
Synth Loops – 61 samples
Textures – 55 samples

Zenhiser Studio Essentials Psytrance

When it comes to full on Psytrance samples Zenhiser has you covered. “Studio Essentials – Psytrance” is the latest addition to the Studio Essentials series, delivering what is possibly one of the most dynamic and encompassing array of psytrance sounds and loops. Built from the ground up using a multitude of new synth and fx styles these psytrance samples are like nothing you’ve heard before. Focusing solely on the full psytrance sound this studio essentials pack has just about every sound you could possibly need to turn your studio into a psytrance palace.
Offering immediate glorification with incredible basslines, high end drum sounds, mind boggling fx, infectious synth hits and monstrous synth loops. Covering just over 640 samples and loops with a compressed size of 984 mb this is an essential array of psytrance samples for both the seasoned professional producer through to bedroom producers just starting out. There is so much in this sample pack that you haven’t heard before so just check out the preview to know what we are talking about. Even the drum sound folders cover 11 different areas including percussion, sfx, toms, cymbals and bitz, yes you heard right bitz!
As with all sample packs in the studio essentials series we’ve set the price point at ?22.95 with all samples having key information where needed and loops with bpm information in the filename. All synth loops and basslines are looped perfectly for instant use and the quality of all samples are second to none.
641 Wav Files
30 Bass Hits
121 Drum Loops
23 Kick Samples
25 Hi Hat Samples
14 Clap Samples
17 Snare Samples
12 Tom Samples
36 Percussion Samples
30 ethnic Samples
08 Shaker samples
23 Cymbal Samples
33 SFX Samples
42 Bitz Samples
72 FX Samples
23 FX Loops
44 Synth Samples
88 Synth Loops

Zenhiser Studio Essentials Progressive House

Zenhiser is pulling out all the stops with the latest addition to the Studio Essentials series. “Progressive House” is a melting pot of driving, melodic and utterly mesmerising samples and loops constructed to deliver an instant song creation tool which can be used in literally minutes. Crammed full of over 600 brand new Progressive House basslines, synth loops, drum beats, drum sounds, fx and even vox fx this is one sample pack that should not be missed. By fusing a variety of similar sub genres “Studio Essentials – Progressive House” sits perfectly for producers creating Progressive House, Main Room House, Electro House and Progressive Trance.
Over 650 mb makes this latest Zenhiser instalment an essential piece of kit for anyone looking to further their production level. And with a price tag of only $34.99 AUD this progressive house sample pack oozes incredible value for money. All loops have bpm and key information added to the filenames, drum sounds are listed in specific folders for easy access, all synth and basslines are looped perfectly for instant use and as with all Zenhiser sample packs, the quality of these progressive house samples are second to none, pure unadulterated melodic, euphoric sounds!
So what’s in Studio Essentials – Progressive House, well check this out:
Bass Hits – 30 samples
Basslines – 50 loops
Drum Beats – 150 loops
Drums – Kicks – 30 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 20 samples
Drums – Snares – 30 samples
Drums – Percussion – 20 samples
FX – 100 samples
Synth Hits – 60 samples
Synth Loops – 50 samples
Vox – 100 samples

Zenhiser Studio Essentials Minimal Tech

Minimal & Minimal Tech is a certain type of sound that is hard to learn, you’ve got to be lighter on your sounds than full on dance productions, deliver intrinsic basslines, never be too hooky with your synths and always add a little less than a little more. With that in mind we created “Studio Essentials – Minimal Tech”, a perfect snapshot of the current minimal tech sound created with extremely high end quality and detail as to give you the finest stock collection of Minimal and Minimal Tech for your studio. This Studio Essentials sample pack delivers all and much more for the serious tech head, but hey don’t take our word for it, check out just how good the preview is to know exactly what we’re talking about.
“Studio Essentials – Minimal Tech” weighs in at 741 samples and loops totalling just over 500mb in size. So what’s in the sample pack I hear you say, well check this out:
Bass Hits – 26 samples
Basslines – 54 loops
Drum Beats – 156 loops
Drum Beats (Tops) 116 loops
Drums – Kicks – 30 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 32 samples
Drums – Claps – 29 samples
Drums – Snares – 27 samples
Drums – Percussion – 68 samples
Drums – FX – 44 samples
FX – 25 samples
FX Loops – 40 samples
Synth Hits – 29 samples
Synth Loops – 65 samples
This Studio Essentials pack is a must for all serious tech heads and minimal freaks looking to create and extend their studio library.

Zenhiser Studio Essentials Deep House

Delving deep into the latest house sounds “Studio Essentials – Deep House” is a master collection of deep house samples and loops for the serious house producer looking to broaden their scope on professional deep house sounds and grooves. Sexy grooves, deep synths, subby basslines, extraordinary programmed beats tight drum sounds and a bonus collection of filtered loops makes this brand new sample pack top of the sample list.
This latest deep house extravaganza from Zenhiser packs in at just over 834 mb and manages to supply over 470 samples and loops all bpm matched, key note tagged with all relevant information in the filename. If that wasn’t good enough all basslines, synth loops and drum beats within the Studio Essential packs have been numbered in order, meaning baseline 01, synth loop 01 and drum beat 01 all work together perfectly for instant use and a deep house hook in seconds. We also supply all our drum beats within the Studio Essential series in multiple parts so you’ll have one version with a kick, one without a kick and one stripped down for breakdowns, drops, fills and more.
If you are looking to diversify your deep house sample library then this pack is an absolute must. Rating 5 stars by us here in the Zenhiser office should give you an indication at just how good these samples are.

Bass Hits – 30 samples
Basslines – 50 loops
Drum Beats – 151 loops
Drums – Kicks – 40 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 30 samples
Drums – Snares – 30 samples
Drums – Percussion – 30 samples
Filtered Loops – 17 samples
Full Loops – 50 samples
Synth Loops – 75 samples