Guerrini Superior 2

Guerrini Superior 2, piano accordion, 1986th.
44.1 kHz / 24-bit.
2116 samples / 775 MB.
All original 12+1 right hand registers / 41 keys.
Left hand “Organtone Bass” register / 120 buttons.
Right and left hand in the same instrument (patch).
4 variations for right hand (Intelligent random X4).
2 variations for left hand (Intelligent random X2).
Right hand instruments in 3 dynamic levels.
Right hand voices looped – unlimited length.
Controllable key, release and register noises.
Built-in changeable reverb, echo and attack time.
Force playing gently, normal or sharp.
Visual information of basic voices in use.
Dynamic bellow controllable by expression pedal.
Natural “suffocate” tone effect.
Vibrato – bellow shake (left hand effect).