Orange Tree Samples Evolution Acoustic Guitar Steel Strings 2

Features include:
– Both fingered and picked articulations totaling 6.5 GB of uncompressed samples.
– Extensive scripting from the Evolution guitar engine, makes for an intuitive, instant playable library from either or a MIDI keyboard or when sequencing.
– Individually sampled strings, powered by a performance modeled string/fret selection engine.
– A proprietary resonance engine for unparalleled organic realism from a sample library.
– 4x alternating samples to avoid the machine gun effect when repeating notes.
– A unique monophonic/polyphonic hybrid. Play legato lead lines or chordal parts in a single patch.
– Alternate tunings that not only change the range of the instrument, but also realistically alter the tone of individual strings.
– Legato articulations, including slides.