Orchestral Tools Orchestral String Runs

– RUNS BUILDER 2.0: Special scales like the whole tone, octatonic and chromatic ranges are finally possible! Also, every slot has its tempo mode slider, a fine adjustments slider, and the possibility to create triplets out of 16th-based figures.
– New Playable Runs patches: entirely newly recorded samples and two divided groups of musicians per piece will make natural tuning and timing discrepancies possible for realism never seen before. This patch is available for Violins+Violas and Celli+Basses. These patches now have more extensive final notes than our Runs Transitions Patch 1 (which is based on real legato sampled staccatos.
– Measured Short Tremolos: As an addition to our short trills patch, we have recorded tempo-synced measured short tremolos (doublets and triplets), everything sampled with repetitions! This patch is also available for Celli+Basses.
– Marcatos for Violins+Violas and Celli+Basses
– New sustain-patches with more velocity layers and xfade scripts
– Contains all the content from the original OSR
– The industry´s first RUNS BUILDER for Violins and Cellos+Basses. (Create your runs out of thousands of tempo-synced runs elements)
– RUNS TRANSITION PATCH (playable smeared runs!) based on legato transitions and repetitions for Violins+Violas
– Hundreds of pre-recorded, tempo-synced runs
– Tempo-synced looped ostinatos
– Short-Trills Patch (sfz Trills and measured tempo-synced Trills HT/WT)
– Essential articulations (sustain patches, staccatos with repetitions)
– OSR Tempo Script (synchronize OSR to your host-tempo)
– 3 Mic Positions