ProjectSAM Swing More

From the early years of animation to the gritty scenes of film noir, big band and jazz have a long tradition in film music. As much as we love the sound of the symphony orchestra, it tells only one part of the story. With the original Swing!, we took a first step in exploring the world of jazz and film scoring. Now, it is time to delve deeper.
We’ve never packed more instruments into a single library: solo saxes, jazzy clarinet, full big band chords, drums, basses, jazz guitar, piano, strings, vibraphone, small percussion – 100% new content, all blending perfectly. Meet the other film orchestra.

Key features
Extensively sampled prominent band instruments
Multiple legato modes available
Big band chords featuring 12 chords per key + inversions
The powerful new rhythm section
All instruments played by jazz veterans
Inspiring Multis
Easy output routing of mic channels
NKS support featuring Light Guide and KK control
Works with free Kontakt Player

What’s new?:
• New content: Saxophone chords, mapped consistently with Trombones and Full Big Band chords
• Fixed: Chord root key switches now latch correctly
• Fixed: Hi-hat round-robin cycle far gapless
• Fixed: Violins slur legato loop points
• Improved: Trumpet legato transitions