Sample Logic Morphestra 2

Instrument Categories

ATMOSPHERES – Continuously sustained soundscapes that are static or full of organic motion

Bizarre – Unusual and experimental with a wide variety of motion and effects
Dark – Mysterious – Spooky, haunting, frightful, setting the tone for darkness and fear
Electronic – Effectual – Consisting of synthetic elements
Mixed Emotions – Confused and blurred moods
Stingers – Ambient gestures with transient impact
World – Organic – Consisting of real-world elements such as voices, flutes, etc.


Arpeggiated – Customizable tempo-synced arpeggiator driven melodic loops
Bells – Mallets – Melodic instruments derived from recording various mallet instruments
Keys – Melodic instruments similar to traditional keyboard instruments.
Strings – Melodic instruments derived from recording various stringed instruments
Synths – Morphed variants on synthesizer sounds
Winds – Melodic instruments derived from recording various wind instruments

LOOPS – Tempo-synced rhythmic sequences

Action Packed
Electronic – Effectual
Hat – Lite
Melodic – Harmonic
Pop Hop
World – Organic


Impact Sequences – Customizable tempo-synced arpeggiator driven percussive loops
Impacts – One-shot percussive hits.
Kits – Multi-hit collections of percussive sounds
Transitions – Strategic rhythmic gestures for blending and bridging events and musical ideas